Utah Ski and Snowboard offers tour packages to make sure you enjoy your experience in Salt Lake City. They fit your itinerary with your schedule and budget while letting you experience the best of Utah. They can give you the all-inclusive, full-service option, where the only thing you have to do is travel, as they will basically do everything else from booking to ticketing to ordering your food! You can also choose to have an itinerary only option. Just let them know what your preferred activities are, and they will make your trip to Salt Lake City as memorable as possible.


Utah is one of the world’s best outdoor destinations, with lots of sights to see, and of course, exciting activities to do! Utah Ski and Snowboard offers various thrilling and breathtaking activities that you will surely enjoy. Skiing and snowboarding are of course on top of our offerings, but there are lots of other outdoor recreational activities that you can do if you are not up for those. However, it is always a good endeavor to try! Utah Ski and Snowboard always recommends skiing and snowboarding to anyone, it surely is a must-try.

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Resorts and Restaurants

Utah Ski and Snowboard has resort and restaurant partners that offer discounts and other promos for the guests, apart from their wonderful and top-notch service. Enjoy Utah’s top ski and summer resorts and restaurants offering sumptuous dishes that will certainly make your trip unforgettable.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment and Gear

From helmet down to socks, Utah Ski and Snowboard offers you literally everything you will need for skiing and snowboarding. They carry skis, snowboards, boots, goggles, poles, and other accessories needed for the sport. They also have gears such as insulated jackets, beanies, socks, gloves, layering tops and pants, and more. They are also one of Salt Lake City’s biggest equipment and gear rental provider. Storage, cleaning, and laundry services are also offered for your convenience.

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Truly, Utah Ski and Snowboard is your ultimate source for everything you need to enjoy the state at its best.