Equipment Care

Caring for your ski and snowboard is a must especially after its dormancy during the non-snowy season. Setting your equipment and gear ready for winter is a must to make sure you do not compromise its quality. Here are some tips for taking care of your precious ski and snowboard equipment.

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Storing your skis and snowboards during the off-season is a very significant factor you have to consider to prolong your time using them. These gears should be stored in a dry place that does not undergo extreme temperature and humidity shifts. Keeping your gear dry prevents rusting, first and foremost. Rust can make your boards uneven and will definitely affect the smoothness especially of its base. If, in case it gets rusted, you will have to spend additional money for de-rusting before you can use it again to make sure that it is smooth.


Prior to storing your equipment, it is a must to apply a coat of wax to your skis and snowboards. This will keep them covered and coated, especially the base and edges, which will also prevent rusting. Waxing your gear regularly will decrease friction and resist damage in the long run.

Prevention is key

They say skis and snowboards can last you a lifetime, while this may be true, the life your gear still depends on how you use it. Needless to say, prevention is the key. Avoid unnecessary damages to your board by shying away from rocks and avoiding park rails. Always check the bases and edges of your ski and snowboard after using them to see if there are small dents or scratches that need immediate maintenance. This will help you keep your gear for long.

Wash Wisely

Of course, you do not only need to take care of your skis and snowboards but also your ski coats and pants (and even layering clothes). Your ski coats and pants are made from water repellent material, so it needs some special care to keep and preserve its quality. Some offer cleaning and laundry services for these types of clothing material, and they are familiar with protecting the water repellant coating of your outerwear from being damaged. If you opt to launder them yourself, remember to put you wash cycle in gentle using cool water with detergent, and rinse them well.

Remember these tips and keep your ski and snowboard equipment healthy while you prepare yourself for the snowy season. When the season comes, you know your gears are as ready as you are!

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