Utah Ski and Snowboard is one of the biggest ski and snowboard rental provider in the northern part of the state. It offered board rentals when it started, and eventually ventured into sales, storage and cleaning, as well as tour planning and other activities. Utah Ski and Snowboard has been a tourist favorite since it started.

Why Utah?

Why visit Utah, you may ask. The easiest answer would be that it has “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. Utah’s snow, as people would describe it, is light, dry, and powder like, making it the perfect choice for deep-powder winter sports. “The Greatest Snow on Earth” is a trademark filed for Utah more than a decade ago, and although the phrase may be subjective, it is actually backed up by science.

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According to Jim Steenburgh of the University of Utah, the climate condition in the state creates “flotation”, which happens when the lighter, airy snow falls on the more condensed snow. This gives the snow a quality that keeps the skis and snowboards on the upper surface of the snow while preventing them from touching and abrading the deeper, heavier layer of the snow. Hence, the unique combination and consistency of the snow in the slopes of Utah make it perfect for deep-powder skiing and snowboarding. This snow condition is best for skiing and snowboarding as it has enough blend of dryness and moisture, giving the snow just enough body for flotation. This effect is achieved by frequent but not profuse snowstorms, which Steenburgh referred to as the “Goldilocks storms”, which is quite frequent in the state. Truly, it has the greatest snow on earth.

Why Utah Ski and Snowboard?

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Local and foreign tourists vouch for their experience with Utah Ski and Snowboard. Providing them with gears, equipment, tour ideas, and other activities to do, they definitely give the company their two thumbs up. With everything to see and do in Utah, Utah Ski and Snowboard promises to give you only the best of the state.